Away For the Weekend

I was away on a residential business training course over the weekend so I had to do my 52 weekends project on my phone camera.

35 of us were staying at the Novotel in Kingston Park for two nights. A bit of an irony for me as I live less than a mile away! I also hold my wedding consultation meetings at this hotel.

It was great to network with other businesses, but as we were working from 9am until about 6.30pm for the first two days, I'd kind of forgotten about my 52 weekends project!

So after I'd checked out on the Sunday I had a little time to spare before starting the final day. I decided to walk a few circuits of the hotel's grounds to get some fresh air. I remembered from photographing the newly landscaped garden, that there is a silver ball sculpture there. So I took this photo and then realised that it truly encapsulated my weekend. Less than a mile from home I'd been living in a bubble, which is what the silver ball reminds me of in this picture.

I decided to blacken out the background to concentrate solely on the distortion of the ball.

Novotel Kingston Park

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