Choose a Photographer Who You Get on With

Out of all of your wedding suppliers, your wedding photographer is the one person who you will see for almost the whole wedding. They will be interacting with your guests and putting you into poses so it's essential that you feel absolutely comfortable with them. They make take fantastic photographs but if they are going to get on your nerves all day then that could spoil your wedding day.

Make sure that you like their photographic style...and their personality!

To get a head start on finding out if you'll get on with your wedding photographer it's a good idea to ring them when you're making initial enquiries. I know it's easier for you to send an email but sometimes they get lost in the ether, and you don't really get an impression of someone via email.

Of course, you'll make appointments to see your shortlist of photographers. This is when you'll probably make your decision based on who you're comfortable with. If you're comfortable with your photographer, then you'll be relaxed in your photographs.

So, when you're about to email those photographers on your list, consider ringing them instead. Besides, it'll take you about ten minutes to chat to each one on the phone whereas emails back and forth could go on for days.

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