Focus on ~ Wedding Album Design

You've decided to have a wedding album made from your wedding photographs. Fantastic! For me, the wedding album design is just as important, if not more so, than the photos themselves. This is why I take care to make sure that everything flows and looks fabulous for you. Usually your wedding photographer will just take your photos and produce an album. When I design an album, I like to know what design aspects you like.

You will have looked through some sample albums. You can tell me whether you prefer lots of background photos like on this one.

Derwent Manor Wedding

Or whether you like the photos larger with no backgrounds like this layout.

Northumberland wedding

I usually have a mix of black and white pages but you could choose to just carry one of these colours through the entire album.

Alternatively, I have used a colour in the theme as a background "ribbon" behind photos like in this example.

Ellingham Hall wedding


Sometimes, the white background can be too....well, white, so in some designs I've incorporated a grey box in the background.

Horton Grange wedding

When your album has been designed, I'll email you a proof layout for approval.

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