Focus On ~ The Wedding Ceremony

When it comes to photographing your wedding ceremony, there are a couple of different options. I always ask if you're comfortable with me being at the front of the ceremony. Most people choose this so that they can get good shots of the vows and rings being exchanged. Of course, it also means that the photographer is really close to the action, and if you're feeling a little nervous, you may not want them up there with you. In which case, you can always choose for them to be at the back, taking pictures from the bottom of the aisle. This will also depend on where the person conducting the ceremony wants the photographer to be.

The other advantage of being at the front is that I like to get a shot of the guests in as well, such as in this shot at Kirkley Hall in Northumberland. Don't worry though, you can still get beautiful photos from the bottom of the aisle like the image below this one.

Kirkley Hall Wedding

wedding ceremony

If there's a balcony in your church, you may opt to have photos taken from there. This shows off the magnificent interior of St Charles' church in Gosforth.

St Charles church

If you're having anything out of the ordinary happening during your ceremony, don't forget to chat with your photographer about it. This groom had organised for an owl to deliver the rings as a surprise for his bride. I knew beforehand so knew to go and find the owl man to ask what would be happening with it. Of course, he couldn't predict that the owl would take a fancy to a lectern to the left of the church and head for that instead of the best man! I did capture it mid-flight though.

Owl ring bearer

The other photo which I always take at the ceremony is a staged signing of the register. The timing of this will depend on the person taking the ceremony. I will have chatted with them beforehand. Most of the time we do it straight after you've actually signed, but occasionally some churches like to carry on with the rest of the ceremony and we'll come back in to stage it.

signing the register

So the choice is yours and let your photographer know what you'd like to do.

If you're interested in my wedding photography, you can visit the weddings page for more information or ring 0191 2864014.

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