I Love Lenses Part One ~ 24-70mm

I always carry the same kit in my camera bag at each wedding. I use different lenses to achieve different results. In this post I'd like to share some photos taken with my main lens which is the 24-70mm.

24mm is the widest angle which is great for photographing your venue, like the beautiful Kirkley Hall in Northumberland.

Kirkley Hall Wedding

I love the flexibility of this lens. It's easy to take in a wide scene, then zoom in on a more tender or funny moment without having to move and attract attention to myself. Especially useful at the front of a ceremony room when I don't want to move.

Lumley Castle ceremony  Lumley Castle wedding

Doxford Hall confetti photo Doxford Hall wedding

I can also capture unforeseen moments like a quick application of lipstick!

Otterburn Castle wedding

The two other lenses I have in my camera bag are a macro lens and a telephoto lens. I'll be posting about them in the weeks to come so check back soon.


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