I Love Lenses Part Two ~ 60mm

The second lens I have is the smallest one, a macro 60mm. I love it, partly because it's small and light! I also love it because you can get really close up to the small details. This is really good for weddings and I use it photograph flowers, wedding jewellery and table decorations.

I like to use these images as the background photos in wedding albums as you can still see the detail I've focused on but the blurred part of the image can have another photo on top of it and nothing is being obscured.

In this photo, the ring was the bride's grandmother's wedding ring so the focus is on that.

wedding ring photo

At this wedding, the groom wanted detail shots of the wedding car so I used the marco lens to focus on the car badge and throw the background out of focus. 

Wedding car photo 

Table decoration

wedding cake detail

wedding cake photo

On the wedding cake above, I focused on the two hearts detail and I love the way the sugar crafted rose detail fades away.

Below was an engagement photo session. I wanted to focus on the engagement ring but have the couple in the background.

Engagement photo

This bridal shot is emphasising the eye make up. It could easily have been used to focus on the tiara in the same way.

I hadn't thought about using the macro lens for portraits before but may start using it as it will be more flattering than a wider angle lens.

bridal photo

I also use the macro lens for architectural details at venues. This could be used for a background in an album.

macro door photo 

I love getting creative with detail shots and the macro lens encourages me to get in really close and make images which are slightly abstract but beautiful.

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