My Photography Review of 2017

I hope you've had a great Christmas! As 2017 draws to a close, I like to look back and reflect on all of the photographs that I've taken over the past year.

This year was doubly special as I was celebrating my 20th year as a photographer! (You can read more about that in this blog post).

2017 started off with a couple of lovely jobs, photographing special occasions - a 70th birthday, and a 50th Wedding anniversary. I love being able to capture memories at special times like these, when families come together.

portrait photographer northumberland

In fact, I've photographed a lot of occasions this year - this was a Golden Wedding Anniversary as well, held at Tillmouth Park Hotel. A couple who had emigrated to America just after they got married and brought their family up over there. They had all come back to celebrate with friends and family and wanted to mark the occasion with some photographs.

special occasions photographer

Even some of the portraits I've done this year have been for celebrations - another 70th birthday present, and a new baby whose grandparents are from Germany.

North East photographer

family photographer Newcastle

I've had a few weddings this year - I've been to Eshott Hall twice which is lovely and was my favourite venue this year.

Usually I'll meet the wedding couple at an inital chat where they will see my work and then book. But two of the weddings this year, I met the couples at their engagement portrait sessions, after they'd booked! One couple lives in France, and the other live in Canada (ironically, in the French-speaking part). Weddings were full of coincidences this year - I booked a wedding a few days before we went on holiday to Norway, and the groom's father was Norwegian. I also got two wedding bookings for 2018 and 2019 at venues I'd photographed this year. Funny how things go.

wedding photographer

Talking of our holiday in Norway, I took lots of photos of some amazing scenery. I love landscapes and architecture and we had a view to die for from the holiday home. I think I must've taken about 60 photos of the view alone. Well, the light kept changing! Here are a few of my favourites which I had printed into a book. It's well worth a trip, although go self-catering as eating and drinking out can be expensive.

Norway photos

Norway photos

Norway photos

Norway photo

I had a few commercial jobs this year. It's always a pleasure to return to My Big Day Bridal - although she's closing her shop which means less space to photograph the dresses next time!

I also met new clients of small businesses who needed good product photography. My first time photographing for Not on the High Street who are quite particular on the quality of the photos.

commercial photographer

product photographer Newcastle

One of the last portrait sessions of the year was a 60th birthday celebration. I had photographed the couple's 30th wedding anniversary party a couple of years ago and was delighted to be able to capture the family all together again. It was also my first Christmas jumper portrait session!

In this set of pictures is an engagement portrait for a couple getting married early next year, which I'm looking forward to.

This year I also tried my hand at street photography for something different to do. I found that I'm not that comfortable producing images of people who don't know they're being photographed, but I may use them in my drawing artwork. It also gave me an idea for a personal project which I may pursue next year.

Newcastle Photographer

I started entering the Master Photographers Association monthly critiques this year, after our North East region was resurrected. I'm really happy to say that I got Highly Commended in two months! One for portraits, and one for weddings. Maybe I'll start entering awards again?!

Highly commended model photographer Highly commended wedding photographer

All in all, another good year, filled with special moments captured in photos for my clients to treasure forever. I'm really privileged to be asked to share in these moments and I'm looking forward to seeing what lovely people I get to work with in 2018!

Thank you for reading and for all of your support this year.

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