Special Occasion Photography

When you think about weddings, you think about having a photographer. There are many other occasions when you wouldn't immediately think of hiring a photographer but it's such a good idea if you do. Special birthdays and anniversaries are all times when family and friends get together to celebrate. Why not take advantage and update the family photos? Below is some of my special occasion photography.


A wedding anniversary meal is often a good excuse to dress up and it's great to get photos of the outfits as well as the people who were celebrating with you. The top set of photos was a 40th wedding anniversary where I took group photos and some mingling shots. The next set was a Golden wedding anniversary which was extra special as the couple had moved to America the year after they were married. They've lived there ever since, so they brought their grandchildren across and spent time visiting the UK.

40th wedding anniversary photographs

family portraits

Another wedding anniversary next. A Golden wedding celebrated with a meal at The George Hotel in Chollerford. The "bride's" sister couldn't think of what present to buy the couple so she hired me and only told her sister when they were driving over to the hotel that evening. She had an album in mind for her sister, and she was thrilled with it when she collected it.

special occasion photography

This last set was a 70th birthday meal. I took various family groups before everyone enjoyed a pub meal.

Northumberland photographer

More memories to look back on for years to come...until the next special occasion when the grandchildren have grown up.

For more information about my special occasions photography please visit the Occasions page.

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