Things to prepare for your special occasions photography

You've arranged a fabulous party for a wedding anniversary, or a significant birthday and you've hired a photographer to capture moments of this special occasion for you. Here are a few things you'll want to think about before the day to ensure that the photography goes smoothly. Having done special occasions photography for a few years now, I know what questions to ask.

1. Think of a list of groups which you definitely would like taking and give it to your photographer. That way they can be organised beforehand knowing how much space they may need at your venue.

2. Is there space at your venue for big group photos? Consider space inside in case it's raining or wet underfoot.

3. Would you like some informal mingling shots as well or are you just sticking to groups?

4. If you're having a meal or food, it's probably best to have photos beforehand. In this case, make sure the people you definitely would like in the photos arrive promptly and in plenty of time.

5. Chat with your photographer about the running of the day/event. Might there be speeches that you would like capturing?

A good photographer should discuss these requirements with you beforehand but it's handy to have a checklist like this in case they don't.

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