What To Prepare For Your Holiday Photos

Summer holidays are upon us and no doubt your camera will be dug out and dusted off. Here are a few tips to ensure you have everything prepared for capturing your adventures.

~ Make sure you have enough batteries and that they are fully charged.

~ If you've cleared your memory card then it's best to format it in the camera. Just deleting the previous images on your computer could leave bits of data on the card which may corrupt the new files.

~ When you get home make sure you make a back up of the images as well as presenting them in your way of choice. You could make a slideshow, print some out for frames or make a photo book.

~ Don't be tempted to just use your camera phone. I know the technology has come a long way but a phone lens will never be as good as a camera lens and the file sizes and quality won't be as good.

Enjoy your holidays!

Here's a shot I took of Mossø Lake on our holiday to Denmark a couple of years ago.

Lake Mossø in Denmark

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