What Style of Album Design Can I Have?

Every Storybook album that I design is different. I change the layout according to the photographs that you choose but there are common threads running though each design which I'll share with you today.

The albums are 14x10 and I tend to design them in a landscape layout. Most couples choose a landscape photo for the front but a portrait photo will work as well. You can have the photo "full bleed" which means it goes to the edge of the cover, or you can have a border around it.

You can choose to have just your names or the wedding date as well.

Derwent Manor wedding

Doxford Hall wedding

I use both white and black as background pages. This can be over the two pages as below, or white on one and black on the other.

white background album design

It's usually a mix of both but if you wanted one or the other that would be fine. This bride wasn't keen on the black, which I only used on the final spread as it was the first dance pictures which didn't look right on white. So to break up the monotony of the white I went with a mid grey. It worked really well with her pink colour theme.

grey background in album design

The grey above is over the whole page and in the album below it's just a square behind the photos, leaving a white border around the edge.

Ponteland wedding

The other background that you can have is a photograph. I'll either use one that you've included in your choice, or one that I've added in to the design. The latter will be faded out for effect like the ceremony room two photos down.

getting ready at a wedding

faded photo as background

When I place photos on top of a backgoround photo I'm always careful not to obscure anything vital.

photo as background

Groups are always an important part of a wedding album so I keep them as large as possible in the design.

groups in album design

Once you get the proofs, you can always change them slightly. This bride thought there was too much white behind the parent shots so I added a faded photo background and shuffled the photos around a little.

original design

changed design

As you can see, there are many different options. Some couples like a few small photos on a page, some prefer the photos to be big. Photos overlapping, not overlapping...fill the background or leave space. The possibilties are endless. I believe that the finished album design is just as important as the photographs themselves.

To see more of my wedding photography please visit the galleries.


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