Why I Wear my Wedding Dress on our Anniversary

It's coming up to our 12th wedding anniversary and I always wear my wedding dress again. Well, almost always. One year our son was only a couple of weeks old, and one year we were on holiday!

Anyway, we always just have a special meal at home and I wear my dress. Not just a ploy to get my husband to do all of the cooking because he enjoys cooking. It's a lovely tradition which means that the dress isn't just stuck in a box never to be seen again.

Many women say that they would never fit into their wedding dress again. Fortunately, mine has a lace up back so there's always a bit of leeway there. My stomach might stick out a bit more but hey, that's life.

I also asked to keep the off cuts of my dress and the bridesmaid's dress when they had been altered. We went on honeymoon to the Canadian Rockies where I bought some patchwork fabric. Along with the dress off cuts I made two decorative hearts from this fabric which hang on our bedroom door. A visual reminder of our wedding day and our honeymoon. The ribbon used for hanging was also used on our wedding cake and the favour bags which I made.

At the end of each anniversary, my dress goes back carefully into the protective duvet cover and box and waits there until the following year.

What traditions do you have based around your wedding day?

my wedding day fabric hearts


You look stunning

Thank you Lesley!


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