52 Weekends

Green House Wall in Norway

In Norway we were staying in an independent holiday home in Sandsli which is a suburb of Bergen. One evening, we had a walk from our accomodation to see if we could get down to the fjord which we were overlooking.

Of course I took my camera! The majority of the houses are built from timber - some with grass roofs!

Electric Goats in Norway

For the last 2 weekends we've been on holiday in Norway. So I'm playing catch up with my creative 52 weekends project. Not that I needed to consciously had to be creative - I took 673 photos over the 10 days! Anyway, the first weekend we went into Bergen and up Mount Fløyen in the funicular. We discovered that they have electric goats in Norway.

Derwent Walk

Yesterday we went and did part of the Derwent Walk which we hadn't done for absolutely ages! We used to take our son's scooter or bike and he would always whinge about being tired when we walked down the path which is the old railway line. I think it was because it was long, straight and boring!

Holy Jesus Hospital in Newcastle

While we were making our way to the Castle Gate Centre in Newcastle to see our son collect his Chief Scout Silver Award certificate, we walked past the Holy Jesus hospital. This is an area of Newcastle which I very rarely walk around and I loved the repeating arches along the front of the building. On the way back, I took this shot and I've had a play around with some effects.

Sticks in Pots

An eventful weekend with a night out with friends, son on cub activity day to Kirkley Hall and the enjoyment of watching the tennis (doubles that is, the men's final was a bit too one-sided to be particularly good.) The most eventful occurence was Sunday evening when my husband accidently cut the side of his wrist with a glass bowl while he was doing the washing up! We grabbed a neighbour to babysit our son and I drove him to A&E.

Painting Boards for the Garden

It's been a busy couple of days around the house and garden. Our son used to have a homemade den which unfortunately got damaged over Christmas last year. As I like to recycle and re-use as much as possible, I wanted my husband to cut the pieces of marine plywood into oblongs. I am going to attach the painted boards onto the fences to create some interesting artwork. I already have two boards with some iron flowers on them.

Patio Weeding Again!

Another lovely weekend which was cool enough to actually get some work done in the garden. I started off just tackling the weeds between the patio paving slabs, and ended up hosing the dirt off the slabs. Mind you, it does look a lot better! And I did get a bit of reading time afterwards.

I've done some work on the computer to bring aout the details of the slabs.

A Hot Sunny Weekend

I hope you all enjoyed the sunny weekend! We had the usual jobs to do, and moving all of the things back to the lounge/dining room after having the carpet fitted. But most of the time was spent keeping cool in the shade in our garden. We got the hammock out and I managed to be on it for a while. Our son was hogging it for most of the time though.

World Environment Day at Washington Wetlands Centre

It was a busy weekend - we visited Alnwick. I took my pro camera and didn't take any photos of the beautiful town! It was raining though and we were supporting a photographer friend of mine who was opening a new studio. We also visited the fabulous temporary exhibition of Jim Kay illustrations for new Harry Potter editions at the Bailiffgate Museum.