Sticks in Pots

An eventful weekend with a night out with friends, son on cub activity day to Kirkley Hall and the enjoyment of watching the tennis (doubles that is, the men's final was a bit too one-sided to be particularly good.) The most eventful occurence was Sunday evening when my husband accidently cut the side of his wrist with a glass bowl while he was doing the washing up! We grabbed a neighbour to babysit our son and I drove him to A&E.

Painting Boards for the Garden

It's been a busy couple of days around the house and garden. Our son used to have a homemade den which unfortunately got damaged over Christmas last year. As I like to recycle and re-use as much as possible, I wanted my husband to cut the pieces of marine plywood into oblongs. I am going to attach the painted boards onto the fences to create some interesting artwork. I already have two boards with some iron flowers on them.

Gardening Tea Break

This weekend was the first proper weekend that I managed to get out in the garden to do some gardening. It was such a glorious spring day on Saturday and I love being able to sit in the sunshine with a cuppa. I got some weeding and tidying up done and the beds are looking much better. Everything is springing up and buds are about to burst!

I Love My Spring Garden

I just love Spring, when the weather is warming up and every day the leaf buds are getting bigger. Today I have taken advantage of the lovely day and have been doing some gardening.

I especially love the tea breaks, where I sit on the patio and watch the blackbird or the robin taking advantage of the spoils where I have disturbed the soil. This is my view from the patio.