product photography

Why Choose a Professional Product Photographer?

You have amazing products that you want to sell fast. You have social media accounts that you can advertise your beautiful products on free of charge. You have a pretty decent phone camera that you can use to photograph your products free of charge. So why would you pay for a professional product photographer?

1. A professional photographer will have lighting and backgrounds that will enhance your products and make them look amazing.

Commercial Consistency

One of my customers posted a photo on her facebook page of three bridesmaids dresses that I'd photographed in different colours. A great idea to have the same dress in different colours for your bridesmaids. Then I wondered if I'd photographed the dresses on different days as they looked so consistent. I hadn't done those ones on different days but I found the three below which I had photographed on different days (and in two different locations!).

A Refresh of Product Photography for My Big Day Bridal

I first photographed prom dresses and Chinese wedding dresses for My Big Day Bridal, two years ago. We photographed about 200 dresses - front and back - in Wendy's living room in her flat. Time has moved on and she now has a shop on Westgate Road in Newcastle with more space. Yippee! Except somehow I still manage to be shooting in amongst the dresses.